(408) 244-2246
1576 Halford Avenue Santa Clara
Dinning Room Hours:
Sun - Thurs 11am - 9:30pm
Fri & Sat 11am - 10pm
Pickup & Delivery till 10 pm Daily

How it all began…

It was around 2:00pm on November 12, 1991 when Glen Campbell (yes, that is really his name) came to our Santa Clara restaurant for a beer. That was our very first customer and the official beginning of Pizz’a Chicago. Since then, we’ve made some wonderful friends, had lots of laughs and dished up a whole lotta pizzas. We made one mistake: we were too clever with our name “Pizz’a Chicago”. The Apostrophe was put in the word “Pizz’a” to indicate a slight separation so it would sound more like “piece of” Chicago! Instead of “Pizz’a Chicago” we are often called “Chicago Pizza”! Oh well! You can even call us “New York Pizza”, just as long as you call us! Our goal is to serve the highest quality gourmet deep dish pizza at a reasonable price, in a fun and interesting atmosphere. We hope that you find Pizz’a (as in piece of) Chicago a warm, friendly restaurant that you’ll enjoy coming back to time and time again. If not, well, we have ways of…shall we say…convincing you. Enjoy!